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A Tribute to Maritime Pioneering

The “Zheng He Treasure Ship” themed Beijing wristwatch draws inspiration from the magnificent voyages of Admiral Zheng He during his seven expeditions to the Western Seas. This diving-style timepiece perpetually engraves the pioneering spirit of those who came before us. With exquisite craftsmanship, it captures the grand achievements of Zheng He’s voyages, reflecting the splendor and dignity of a great nation. The watch commemorates the precious historical epic of friendly interactions among various ancient world civilizations.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

Beijing Watch is a brand dedicated to the creation of high-end timepieces. It is renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship, which is evident in every detail of its timepieces. The brand's mastery of tourbillon, enamel, and relief carving techniques is unparalleled in the Chinese watchmaking industry.

  • Words By Ariel Adams

    Beijing Watch Factory has succeeded in impressing me – a lot. It has also succeeding in producing something that is both unique and interesting, but is also the type of thing that even the most snobbish watch lovers will take notice of. Complex Chinese watches are here and here to stay, and they are getting better each year. Are they alternatives to the more expensive Swiss stock? Yes, but they aren’t outright replacements. Having said that, the Chinese will always beat the Swiss when it comes to price. What makes the high-end Chinese watch industry unique is that they are trying to provide something that the current culture is not set up to do as well as.

  • Words By Brad Green

    Chinese watchmaker Beijing Watch Factory is threatening to change the minds of those who still believe that all luxury watches are made in Switzerland. The Beijing Watch Factory 'State of Mind’, being considered in the Tourbillon and Escapement category of the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève. There is stiff competition in the category with the likes of Arnold & Son, Zenith, and Ulysse Nardin, to name a few. Beijing Watch Factory has offered something quite unique here, hoping to stand out from the crowd visually. In terms of striking color use and design, I've never seen anything quite so bold from the Beijing brand.

  • Words By Jean-Luc Adam

    The “Beijing” and Fiyta signed a partnership agreement in October 2016 that could spawn the very best of Chinese watchmaking. Fiyta is the internationally best-known Chinese watch brand; it has been the official timekeeper of the Chinese Space Agency since 2003 and an exhibitor in the prestigious Hall 1 at Baselworld since 2010. It is also a leader in terms of sales volumes and one of the most avant-garde brands in terms of design. The only downside is that it has always contented itself with foreign calibres. In complete contrast, the venerable Beijing Watch Factory is Chinese to the tips of its second hands: all its mechanical and automatic movements and grand complications are made entirely in-house!