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Beijing Beihai Park Retro Watch Limited Edition 40mm

Beijing Beihai Park Retro Watch Limited Edition 40mm


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Movement Type: Self-winding
Case/Bezel/Crown: Stainless Steel
Dial: White/Blue
Caseback: Transparent
Hands: Copper
Strap: Cow Leather/Stainless Steel
Strap Buckle: Pin Buckle/Deployant Clasp
Crystal: Domed Sapphire Crystal; Anti-reflective Coating
Dimension:Ø 40.00 mm
Thickness:9.25 mm
Water Resistance: 50 metres
Limited Edition: 500 Pieces

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Beihai Park

"Beihai" is the pinyin romanization of the Mandarin pronunciation of the garden's Chinese name, 北海, meaning "Northern Sea". The name corresponds to the "Central Sea" (中海, Zhōnghǎi) and "Southern Sea" (南海, Nánhǎi) immediately to the park's south, still used—under the combined name Zhongnanhai—as the restricted headquarters of China's paramount leaders.

Immortal mountains and magnificent pavilions, the highest virtue is like water. Beihai Park is one of the ancient and well-preserved imperial gardens in China. The history of Beihai Park is closely intertwined with the development of Beijing city. From being the capital during the Yuan Dynasty to officially named Beijing in the Ming Dynasty, and flourishing in the Qing Dynasty, it has witnessed nearly a thousand years of changes and transitions.

Beihai Park has always been a royal garden integrating cultural architecture from various eras. Its high artistic achievements make it a masterpiece among the surviving parks in China, contributing to the inheritance of Chinese history and art.

The masters at Beijing Watch have specially designed the "Beihai Park Series" of fashionable wristwatches, aiming to inherit the royal artistic design concepts of Beihai Park through Beijing Watch.

Tiananmen Logo at 12 o'clock

Representing the splendid culture and profound history of China, Tiananmen serves as a symbol. As the brand logo of Beijing Watch, it embodies the inherent strength and cultural heritage of the Beijing Watch brand from its inception.

Classic calendar display, with dates presented clearly for easy readability, ensuring that important moments are not missed. To-the-point baton indices, exuding retro chic, simplify complexity, making time reading clearer and more straightforward.

Artificially synthesized sapphire glass, with a Mohs hardness of 9, second only to diamond, is scratch-resistant and of superior quality.


Type: Automatic
Model: B18
Jewels: 18
Dimension:Ø 26.00 mm
Thickness:4.01 mm
Number of Parts: 158
Power Reserve: 40H

3/4 plate complex mechanical movement, the classical swan neck regulator, as the name suggests, features a graceful curve resembling the neck of a swan, and it serves as a component for adjusting the timing accuracy of mechanical wristwatches.

Commemorative Collection, Limited Edition Masterpieces!

Equipped with a '6 o'clock small seconds sub-dial' typically found only in high-end wristwatches, this timepiece is delicately dynamic, engraving moments with its hands, making every minute and second precious.

Offering two major straps in leather or steel, ensuring comfort and style. The leather strap provides a refined and vintage touch, bringing out masculinity, while the stainless steel strap exudes a sense of stability and maturity.

Crafted with ingenuity, showcasing luxury in simplicity. Customized with an imperial palace collection gift box, elegant and noble

Insight into the Beauty of Machinery

One of the complex mechanical movements that Beijing Watch has been researching for many years achieves another breakthrough in mechanical movements, showcasing the beauty of mechanics. With manual ruby ​​bearings and exquisite streamlined hairspring, its artistic value surpasses ordinary quartz movements.

Featuring classic hand-cut stripes, it does not require battery replacement, maintains a full power reserve, and can run for 40 hours. The fashionable transparent back design allows one to appreciate the mechanical beauty at a glance, experiencing the beauty of the North Sea from the outside to the inside.

With a 50-meter water resistance rating, it is suitable for daily waterproofing, resisting splashes, sweat, and rain. The fashionable screw-in crown fits the hand, making adjustment easier.