Beijing Watch: Keep Pioneering

Since the establishment of the "Beijing" watch brand in 1958, Beijing Watch has always been dedicated to the production of high-complexity movements and high-end custom watches. The pioneering spirit of being born different has continuously propelled the brand's progress and advancement with the changing times.

Initially, 21 watchmaking pioneers founded the Beijing Watch brand, combining exceptional technology, exquisite craftsmanship, and delicate design fearlessly, thus opening the door to the world of watchmaking.

As a professional brand with independent watchmaking capabilities, Beijing Watch emphasizes craftsmanship and artistic aesthetics, immersing itself in the modern expression of Oriental aesthetics, perfectly integrating exquisite craftsmanship with cultural connotations. True classics are ahead of their time. The record-breaking "Dancing Dragons" tourbillon with engraved gold, the North Sea series featuring classical 3/4 plates and single gooseneck regulator, the elegant and renowned Suzhou embroidery timepieces, along with many other acclaimed watch pieces, are all modern expressions of Beijing Watch's Eastern culture, opening up infinite sources of inspiration for the future.

Behind the numerous achievements well-known in the watchmaking industry are a group of ingenious master watchmakers including Xu Yaonan, Shi Wenli, Su Wenbin, Zhao Zhenling, and others, who are recognized by the media as the "Fathers of Chinese Tourbillon", possessing a profound understanding of the true meaning of "wristwatch". We have always revered and cultivated true master watchmakers, preserving the essence of manual craftsmanship to the greatest extent. The independently produced flying tourbillon, double flying tourbillon, double-axis stereoscopic tourbillon, double-axis stereoscopic double tourbillon, tourbillon minute repeater, double escapement long power reserve mechanism, ultra-thin tourbillon, and other seven high-complexity movements, each embodies the perfect passion of Beijing Watch's masters for complex watchmaking craftsmanship; inlaid, enamel, embroidery, micro-carving, engraving, hollowing, fine finishing, and other advanced watchmaking techniques also showcase the unique aesthetics of Beijing Watch.

Every Beijing Watch reflects the unique lifestyle attitude of its wearer. Whether collectors or elites from various fields, countless owners of Beijing Watches throughout history have felt the sincerity of Beijing Watch. They uphold the essence of the East, possess a consciousness of "independent innovation" and a pioneering spirit; they are confident, independent, embrace the times, understand how to interpret "tradition" from a new perspective, and present it in a more fashionable and modern way.

Pioneering together, Beijing Watch is willing to spend multiple times longer to create a truly exceptional timepiece, making your time even more precious.