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Beijing Born Extraordinary 1958 Reissue Edition Watch 39mm

Beijing Born Extraordinary 1958 Reissue Edition Watch 39mm


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Movement Type: Self-winding
Case/Bezel/Crown: Stainless Steel
Dial: White
Caseback: Solid
Hands: Silver-plated Copper
Strap: Cow Leather
Strap Buckle: Pin Buckle
Crystal: Domed Sapphire Crystal; Anti-reflective Coating
Dimension:Ø 39.00 mm
Thickness:10.25 mm
Strap Width: 20 mm
Water Resistance: 30 metres
Note: Comes with a Stainless Steel Bracelet
Limited Edition: 9,999 Pieces
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Founded in 1958, Keep Pioneering

In 1958, China's watchmaking industry was in urgent need of revitalization, and the domestic watchmaking sector required pioneers. To change the situation, 21 watchmaking pioneers bravely took on the mission. Despite modest conditions, their steadfast determination could not be worn down. On June 19th, they founded the Beijing brand, opening the doors to the world of watchmaking.

In September 1958, Beijing Watch launched the "1958 Type 1 Watch," marking the debut of the Beijing Watch brand. This groundbreaking timepiece received an enthusiastic response upon its release, symbolizing a pivotal moment in the history of watchmaking.

Beijing Watch: Born Extraordinary.

The back of the watch is engraved with the words '生而不凡'(Born Extraordinary), a testament to the brand's enduring spirit. 'Born Extraordinary' has been the essence of Beijing Watch since its inception, representing unwavering confidence and pride. It symbolizes a commitment to pioneering the future with the strength of innovation, carrying forward the past and releasing the boundless potential of the brand.

The pioneering spirit of being born extraordinary, evolving with the changing times, continuously propels the brand forward, fostering progress and development.

Limited to 9,999 pieces globally, each watch bears a unique code, making it one of a kind.

Red Five-Star at 6 o'clock

Before sunrise, the Morning Star forms a five-pointed halo, symbolizing brightness and hope, conveying the spirit of guidance. At the 6 o'clock position, a three-dimensional five-pointed star, accentuated with a vibrant 'Beijing Red,' symbolizes the pioneering spirit of constant progress.

Red is the brand color of Beijing Watch, a symbol of Eastern culture and spirit, representing auspiciousness, upward vitality, and the passion of life, aligning seamlessly with the spirit of the times.

Exquisite craftsmanship defines the essence of Beijing Watch. At the 3 o'clock position, a single date display window ensures not to miss any important day.

Tiananmen Logo at 12 o'clock

Representing the splendid culture and profound history of China, Tiananmen serves as a symbol. As the brand logo of Beijing Watch, it embodies the inherent strength and cultural heritage of the Beijing Watch brand from its inception.

Based on the original design of the 'Type 1 Watch' by Beijing Watch, innovative design elements have been incorporated. The shell structure has been reconfigured, presenting a sleek contour of the case and a thinner, more delicate bezel.

The domed synthetic sapphire glass, or dome glass, features a thickened surface, providing a clear and distinct reading of the time with a well-defined layered appearance.

Custom Gift Box

Specially crafted exclusive gift box for watches, Includes complimentary steel strap, brand emblem, customized notebook, and commemorative card.

The leather strap is made from imported leather, offering a soft and delicate touch, comfortable fit on the wrist, long-lasting durability, and a rich texture.

The waterproof lining undergoes water-resistant treatment at the base, reducing the impact of sweat and water, thus extending the overall lifespan.

Comes with an additional complimentary solid stainless steel strap, featuring a quick-detach design with spring bars for easy strap changes, allowing for a seamless transition of styles according to personal preference.