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Beijing Dark Black Diver 200M Watch 42mm

Beijing Dark Black Diver 200M Watch 42mm


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Shape: Round
Movement Type: Self-winding
Case/Bezel/Crown: Black-plated Stainless Steel
Dial: Black
Caseback: Transparent
Hands: Gunmetal-plated Copper
Strap: Silicone/Canvas
Buckle Type: Pin Buckle
Crystal: Domed Sapphire Crystal; Anti-reflective Coating
Dimension:Ø 42.00 mm
Thickness:12.90 mm
Strap Width:20 mm
Water Resistance: 200 metres

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Tiananmen Logo at 12 o'clock

Representing the splendid culture and profound history of China, Tiananmen serves as a symbol. As the brand logo of Beijing Watch, it embodies the inherent strength and cultural heritage of the Beijing Watch brand from its inception.

Artificially synthesized sapphire glass, with a Mohs hardness of 9, second only to diamond, is scratch-resistant and of superior quality.

Black silicone strap, soft and skin-friendly, waterproof and corrosion-resistant, durable and reliable.
Comes with a black canvas strap, simple and lightweight, paired with a watch of the same color scheme, giving a bold and stylish appearance.

Red Five-Star at 6 o'clock

Before sunrise, the Morning Star forms a five-pointed halo, symbolizing brightness and hope, conveying the spirit of guidance. At the 6 o'clock position, a three-dimensional five-pointed star, accentuated with a vibrant 'Beijing Red,' symbolizes the pioneering spirit of constant progress.

Red is the brand color of Beijing Watch, a symbol of Eastern culture and spirit, representing auspiciousness, upward vitality, and the passion of life, aligning seamlessly with the spirit of the times.

3 o'clock date window, with a rectangular three-dimensional frame, complemented by black background and grey font, ensuring clearer digital display and accurately recording every important date.

Diver 200M Watch

Water-resistant to 200 meters, with a fully sealed case for robustness and excellent waterproof performance. (Friendly reminder: No waterproof watch is resistant to steam or hot water.)

The screw-in crown, with double seals, enhances the watch's waterproof performance, reducing the risk of internal water ingress due to improper operation underwater. The bezel is adorned with a unidirectional toothed ring, allowing for quick and easy operation.

Cool black style, understated dominance. The dial features a black oil-pressed spark pattern, with a strong sense of layering.

Luminous Function

Long-lasting luminous function, with luminescent beads embedded at the 12 o'clock position. Both the hour and minute hands are covered with environmentally friendly energy-storing luminescent material, resistant to radiation damage, providing strong luminous effects for clear time reading even in low-light conditions.

Its working principle involves the watch absorbing light energy in well-lit environments, then releasing stored energy in darker conditions, causing the hands or markings on the dial to emit light, thus facilitating time reading at night or in dimly lit environments.

Dark Black, Foremost of Traditional Chinese Colors.

Originating from ancient reverence for nature, it symbolizes supreme power and status, while embodying a simple yet extraordinary, understated yet powerful attitude towards life. During the Qin Dynasty, black was chosen as the national color, as seen in the black glazed tiles covering the Wen Yuan Ge of the Forbidden City. Drawing inspiration from the profoundness of Dark Black, Beijing Watch introduces the "Dark Black" themed timepieces in the Voyager series, infusing the essence and philosophy of traditional Chinese colors into the watches, empowering contemporary youth with outstanding strength and indomitable spirit.

Featuring a gray transparent case back design, allowing for close appreciation of the craftsmanship of the movement. Adorned with a red circle at the center of the case back, highlighting the beauty of traditional Chinese colors.