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Beijing Mortise and Tenon Structure Tourbillon Watch 44mm

Beijing Mortise and Tenon Structure Tourbillon Watch 44mm


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Shape: Round
Movement Type: Self-winding
Case/Bezel/Crown: Stainless Steel
Dial: Black/Silver
Caseback: Transparent
Hands: Copper
Strap: Cow Leather
Strap Buckle: Pin Buckle
Crystal: Domed Sapphire Crystal; Anti-reflective Coating
Dimension:Ø 44.00 mm
Thickness:12.25 mm
Water Resistance: 50 metres
Limited Edition: 500 Pieces
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Tiananmen Logo at 12 o'clock

Representing the splendid culture and profound history of China, Tiananmen serves as a symbol. As the brand logo of Beijing Watch, it embodies the inherent strength and cultural heritage of the Beijing Watch brand from its inception.

Rough and bold bar-shaped indices, embodying the beauty of three-dimensional scales, evoke a sense of refinement and sophistication when observed. The high-end circular energy reserve indicator, coupled with the visible winding mechanism, provides instant insight into the energy status.

As the winding mechanism is engaged, the circular indicator gradually transforms, providing a visual representation of the energy depletion.

The retrograde calendar display features a pointer that, upon reaching the end of the scale, seamlessly returns to its original position, creating a visual illusion akin to the reversal of time.


Type: Tourbillon
Model: TB01-2FN
Jewels: 20
Dimension:Ø 30.50 mm
Thickness:6.07 mm
Number of Parts: 127
Power Reserve: 63H

Equipped with the Chinese swallow tourbillon movement, providing 60 hours of power reserve, featuring a free-sprung balance, developed by Master Xu Yaonan, known as the 'Father of Chinese Tourbillon,' representing China's leading level in complex precision machinery. Crafted from titanium aerospace material, it boasts exceptional resistance to oxidation and corrosion, ensuring enduring wear. Weighing only 0.3g, it is light as a cicada's wing.

Ingenious Mortise and Tenon Structure: Wisdom in Every Inch.

The splined-mortise connection is an ancient Eastern architectural and mechanical joining technique that emphasizes the delicate balance between convex and concave, more and less, advance and retreat. Beijing Watch has incorporated this aesthetic into its watch case, symbolizing the philosophical concept of balance and harmony.

Drawing inspiration from Eastern wisdom, where simplicity meets strength in the splined-mortise connection, Beijing Watch pays homage to the contemporary elites striving for a balanced life in a complex world. The design echoes traditional Eastern woodworking, aiming for seamless precision to achieve a harmonious blend of strength and beauty, embodying the essence of craftsmanship passed down through generations.

Insight into the Beauty of Machinery

Featuring a transparent case back design, the movement is fully visible, allowing for a thorough appreciation of the beauty of the mechanics as the watch operates.

The watch strap adopts a fashionable patchwork style, with symmetric inspiration drawn from the ridgeline of ancient Chinese architecture, conveying the philosophy of balance and opposition inherent in Eastern culture.

Included is a cowhide leather strap, allowing for easy interchangeability, creating a new look every day.

With a water resistance of 50 meters, it is suitable for daily wear, unaffected by splashes or sweat.

Commemorative Collection, Limited Edition Masterpieces!

Crafted from synthetic sapphire glass, with a Mohs hardness of 9, second only to diamond, ensuring scratch resistance and superior quality.

The oil pressure brand mark and the BJ imprint pressed on the crown are symbols exclusive to the high-end Beijing watch.

The spiral crown design, with its tactile texture, makes adjusting the watch feel more natural and comfortable.

Complimentary tourbillon watch collection book, an official publication from Beijing Watch, enhancing the value of your collection.