Born Extraordinary: Beijing 1958 Reissue Edition Watch

Born Extraordinary: Beijing 1958 Reissue Edition Watch

Every era has its own classic, which follows the times and yet transcends time, remaining evergreen and extraordinary. Beijing Watch, the brand representing the classic "One-Type Watch(一型表)", has redesigned and launched the "Born Extraordinary(生而不凡)" special edition reissue series, paying tribute to the pioneering spirit that has driven the brand's continuous development since its inception in 1958.

Beijing 1958 Reissue Edition Watch

Honoring the Classics, Evolving Continuously

In 1958, China's watch industry faced the dilemma of only being able to produce clocks, not watches. To revive the industry and change the status quo, some domestic watch factories started to explore developing their own watches, and the Beijing Watch Factory was thus born.

That summer, 21 pioneering watchmakers and workers were transferred from the Xuan Wu District public-private partnership watch factory. They had to develop a batch of watches with the same movement in the shortest possible time, creating a national timepiece.


One-Type Watch(一型表)

After three months of hard work, without sufficient funds and time, they leveraged a few Swiss-made "Big Roman" watches and the experience of alarm clock production, and the Beijing "One-Type Watch" was born. This was the first wristwatch launched by Beijing Watch in 1958, the brand's inaugural work, leading the trend of the era and representing the strength and status of Beijing Watch from the very beginning; even today, it remains a classic that transcends time.

'生而不凡'(Born Extraordinary)

The reissued "Born Extraordinary(生而不凡)" special edition watch is based on the original design of the "One-Type Watch", with an adjusted case structure featuring clean lines and a slimmer, more refined bezel - evolving on the classic while revitalizing it for the new era.

Shining Red Star, Carrying Forward the Spirit

The Polaris star has a five-pointed star shape in the glow before sunrise, symbolizing light, hope and a guiding direction. A three-dimensional five-pointed star is set at the 6 o'clock position, accented with a prominent "Beijing red" - representing the dreamers who have stayed true to their beliefs and forged ahead, shining brightly without the need for fanfare. The red star is a tribute to the leap-forward progress of the watch industry in those years, revisiting the pioneering and self-reliant spirit at the brand's founding, honoring the trailblazers and stalwarts across all industries.

Red Five-Star at 6 o'clock

Red is the brand color of Beijing Watch, also a symbolic representation of Eastern culture and spirituality, signifying auspiciousness, positive energy, and the passion of life, resonating with the zeitgeist of our times.

The "Beijing" Tiananmen Gate logo at the 12 o'clock position showcases the profound extraordinary spirit and deep cultural heritage.The dial features a date window at the 3 o'clock position, recording the days of striving for ideals, every minute and second a classic.

Born Extraordinary, Celebrating "1958"

1958 is a unique year, corresponding to the founding of the Beijing Watch brand and the birth of the "One-Type Watch". This is represented below the red five-pointed star at the 6 o'clock position, carrying a dual commemorative significance.

Gift Box

Evolving on the classics is a hymn to the pioneering spirit; keeping the sentiments unchanged through the long years is a tribute to the extraordinary aspirations.

More Refined Details

The watch strap is made of imported calfskin leather, soft and delicate, comfortable on the wrist, and durable with a rich feel. The underside is water-resistant, reducing the impact of sweat and extending the lifespan. A solid stainless steel strap is also included, allowing the wearer to switch styles at will. Equipped with an automatic mechanical movement, it can be self-winding through the movement of the wrist, maintaining a stable operation even when not worn, continuing Beijing Watch's pursuit of precision timekeeping and high quality.